Weaving Preparatory


On Line Monitoring System for Weaving Preparatory and Processing System is a Web Based systemequipped with state of the art Micro Controller based MACHINE TERMINAL with Touch Screen Display / User Specific Keyboardto monitor the Preparatory and Processing machines in Weaving Mills.

Warping - Sectional, Direct | Sizing | Beaming, Rebeaming, Knotting, Gaiting | Dyeing - Warp, Slasher, Rope | Stenter | Dryer | Other machines

Features and Benifits:

  • The system automatically measures & records the Production, Stoppage and Speed information.
  • A Computer connected in the IT-Network collects these information ON LINE through WIRELESS technology.
  • Web Based Software processes the data from the Machines.
  • Process includes Capturing, Sorting, Storing, Retrieving, Calculating and Displaying various User friendly Reports & Screens.
  • Software comes with inbuilt reports for Monitoring Productivity, Stoppage, Efficiency, etc., Analysis.
  • Customised reports can be programmed as per the customer requirement.
  • Users can access these information through the web browsers based on their access levels from remote locations.
  • The system also allows multiple users to access the data simultaneously.
Products Range of DATALOG On Line Monitoring System Available for Machines of Any Type, Any Make, Any Model, Manufacturing Any Product.


  • Speed - Continuous monitoring of the speed during machine running
  • Production - Continuous monitoring of Production during machine running
  • Stoppage - Records each stop with time stamp Records Yarn Break Signal
  • Efficiency - Calculates Efficiency based on the Machine running Stops can be classified by various stop reasons by entering the Stop Code reason on the Machine Terminal
  • Stop Alarm / Relay Output - on reaching the Production Order Length


Web Based software that can be accessed across the Plant and outside the plant through internet will have the following options

Standards & Assignments:

  • Machine
  • Style / Article
  • Beam
  • Operator
  • Supplier
  • Stop Code
  • Batch
  • Waste

Entries Available In The System:

  • Warping Operator Order - Entry on Computer by Production Management team
  • Article Data - Entry on Computer by Production Management team
  • ¬†Waste Entry

Reports & Screens:

  • Machine Wise / Order Wise / Style Wise / Operator Wise reports
  • Current Shift / Completed Shift / Completed Day / From To Period Reports
  • Graphical and Text Reports
  • Production report - Showing Theoretical & Practical Production and difference
  • Stoppage report
  • Efficiency report
  • Yarn Break report
  • Salary Calculation based on Productivity

ERP Interface:

  • Export - Automatic Data Transfer of Data monitored by DATALOG to ERP at preset interval
  • Import - Automatic Data Transfer of Master Data from ERP to Datalog as applicable

Reports, Graphs and Screens