Models & Optional Attachments

Models and Optional Attachments

DATALOG offers wide range of models and optional Products for automation of the various weaving process and to increase production and protection weaving machines. Our Machine Terminals with Automatic Looms Start / Stop arrangement, Automatic Roll Doff arrangement control most of the routine weaving functions and operations and increase the productivity. Our products like Score Board, Doff Prediction Display, SMS / Email alert system, LCD TV Software, Lamp Post Indication Arrangement, Fabric Defect Entry Module used to indicates different information and helps to achieve to higher productivity. Finger Print Scanner, RFID / Barcode interface increases the protection and accessibility in the machine.

Standard Machine Terminal with Stop Code Entry

Stop Code Entry Terminal used to Enter Stop code and Stop Reason at one place. It is useful to find out repeated stops, too many stops. So users can Prevent Avoidable stops and finetune the Loom.​

Machine Terminal with 18 Stop Signals

Datalog standard machine terminal has 6 signal for Picks, Warp, Weft, Leno, Selvedge, Catchchord. The optional 18 Stops Machine Terminal used for automatic registering of 17 Stops reasons from machine panel

Machine Terminal Fingerprint Scanner

Machine Terminal with Finger Print Sensor requires finger print authentication for Registering Operator, Supervisor, Inspector, Stop Code Entry.

Machine Terminal with RFID Interface

RFID tags  are scanned  for Registering Style, Operator, Supervisor, Inspector, Stop Code Entry in Machine Terminal with RFID module.

Machine Terminal with Bar-code Interface

Machine Terminal with Bar-Code Interface offers bar code scanning for Registering Style, Operator, Supervisor, Inspector, Stop Code Entry.

Fabric Defect Entry Terminal

FABRIC INSPECTION TERMINAL (FIT) comes with touch screen monitor, So that Inspector can enter Fabric Defects & Points on the  by gently pressing the pre-defined Defect & Points.

Score Board

The score board offers a psychological boost to the workers to optimise their performance level. Datalog offers you Score Board as an optional product available in three sizes. 

Centralised LCD Screen

Datalog centralized LCD Screen displays production, stoppage, efficiency, humidity, temperature, air consumption, power consumption and other required information in large screen.


Datalog SMS Alerts Module will send you alerts automatically on Production, Efficiency, Stoppage and other required information. Datalog will let you keep connected wherever you’re in the world.

Doff Prediction Display

Roll Doff and Roll Production details are displayed in Doff Production Display. It shows the upcoming roll doff information of the machines and act as a remainder for roll doff process.