Online Monitoring System for Weaving is an interactive real-time control system which continuously monitors every single loom in the mill to increase the Productivity by preventing the unwanted stoppages.


Online Monitoring System for preparatory and processing facilitates continuous monitoring of each machine individually and collectively that ensures the seamless running of all operations.


Fabric Inspection System is another innovative technology for the textile industry which assures the quality and minimize the rejection by recording the defects continuously.


Online Monitoring System for Spinning is a integrated production and power management system that provide information at a click


Online Monitoring System for Knitting helps in seamless running of the knitting operation and contributes to better production.

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S Gopalakrishnan and CB Krishnan started their journey as R&D engineers in a company manufacturing textile electronics in collaboration with a Swiss firm. With a vision to become leading innovators in the field of textile monitoring systems, the company ventured into the market with small yet firm steps. A team of highly skilled R&D experts contributed to the development of state of the art monitoring systems that provide unparalleled quality and reliability at an affordable cost to customers who value long term benefits. Over the years the company has built a strong presence nationally and internationally, covering over 25,000 machines in more than 400 mills, spanning several countries – Indonesia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, Egypt, México, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, USA and the list goes on.

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